Lasagne anyone?

Spring has finally arrived! This weekend I had a mission. With Don at work I was left home alone to conduct an experiment (Don is used to coming home to my experiments). I am logging this on my blog because, oh I don’t know why, but maybe you will find it interesting–or you could just humor me a little!

For Christmas my Dad gave me a book on organic gardening called Lasagne Gardening. I know what you are thinking (what?), but the philosophy behind it really makes sense. Why do back breaking work digging up the ground and using machines and chemicals to grow things when you can use all natural materials that will do the work for you? I will spare you the details of the book, but is requires a mix of organic materials…grass clippings, leaves, organic kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, manure, etc. I have been anxiously awaiting the time when I could try this out in our backyard.

Saturday I realized that I needed to collect more materials before I could lay out my garden. We live at the north edge of our village, just behind our neighborhood is a small forest and open countryside. So, yesterday I grabbed a rake and some bags hopped in my car- a rent a wreck (I will save my soon to be car for another time…it is worth sharing) and headed out to collect my organic materials. I pulled up on a fire road behind our neighborhood and collected six bags of leaves. Germans are known to be curious people (I think they’re just nosey), and before I knew it I had 2 older men standing on the road staring at me. I had to laugh, because I am sure that it did look a little strange!

Today I layed out my garden, and I took a few pictures to show you. There are 6 layers (like a lasagne) underneath the plastic: newspaper on the bottom covering the grass that was there before, then leaves, grass clippings, peat moss, compost (I already made last fall/winter), and more leaves. It will stay covered for about 6-8 weeks to “cook” or breakdown. The ground under the plastic will actually heat up and steam due to the microrganisms. I will be able to plant in this garden without lifting a shovel. Novel idea, don’t you think?

Hopefully this summer, I will be able to enjoy fresh home grown fruits and vegetables, and share them with my neighboors. I will keep you posted (whether you care or not).



7 thoughts on “Lasagne anyone?

  1. Actually that sounds like fun. I didn’t know you like to garder, but then its not like there was time for that type of thing at summit!

  2. No, we were busy just trying to keep the girls in the house! When I was an RC at Browning I planned a weekend Rec activity where the girls and I went to a nursery and they got to pick out some flowers. We planted them in the flower bed by the front door. Believe it or not it went over really well. I was also inspired by my old roommate Judy who can grow anything, anywhere (even in downtown San Jose).

  3. Nicolle! Of course I remember you! It is so awesome to hear from you! Caramel candy buddies! Yes I remember. I also remember spending many a recess creating dance routines to “My boyfriends back”. You had the most gorgeous long hair. You were always a joy to know. I am looking forward to cathcing up with you!

  4. Here I thought I was going to be invited over for some fresh lasagne and all it is is a pile of decaying leaves and stuff LOL

    Carl E

  5. Hey Robin,
    The garden sounds really interesting. Let me know how it works…I might try it sometime. Have you been able to plant anything in it yet? I started some plants inside a few weeks ago (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.). I hope I can plant the garden sometime in May. Thanks for saying I can grow things…

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