Onward and upward

I don’t really have a lot of exciting things to share in today’s post, except a personal victory that I am excited about. This last weekend I completed my last sexual assault prevention and awareness briefing. In the last year I have trained 1800 Soldiers on this topic and Sunday morning (of all times) I finished my last unit who had returned from a year long deployment the day before. This was also the first time that Don heard me speak, he came along and took a few photos, which really aren’t that good but at least you have a glimpse into my world for the last year.
This job has been like nothing I have ever done in my life. I just don’t have the type of personality it takes to be a part of the armed forces, but here I am working with the Army of all branches! There have been many days when I have asked myself, how did you get here?!? You know the saying fish out of water…yup that’s me!
My time working at a group home taught me that I can do anything for a year, and this job has been an example of that. I am grateful for the opportunity I have had and the people I have met as a result.
That’s all, I guess I just needed to process that and decided to use this as a forum for that!


P.S. Now that I am no longer working in this position, I will not be on call 24/7. Don and I are already planning a trip to Paris, so there will be more intersting topics in the future!

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6 thoughts on “Onward and upward

  1. Bet you are loving not being on call 24/7! Have fun in Paris, its a place that I would love to visit again. Actually, I would love to visit Germany again too.

  2. Yeah, this will be our 3rd visit to Paris since we have lived here, but this time we are just going to see the places we always run out of time for…Painter’s Square for example. We are hoping to upgrade our art collection (prints of course), or at least be able to say we bought it in Paris and not at Walmart! I don’t particularly enjoy being around the French, but I do love the art and history of that city. We are driving so look out traffic circle of death here we come! That is more thrilling than any roller coaster!

  3. yeah for paris. I think you should should stay at the hotel we stayed at there. It was nice, and everytime you are in the elevator you can think of the fun suprise that Dori and Krissa brought with them to Paris:)

  4. Hey, Robin! Wow. I think the last time I chatted with you was on our wedding day. Craziness. I found your blog through Dori’s blog. I’m really not a blogger myself, so you may not see me around much. I just wanted to say “hi!”

  5. P.S. I just sent an e-mail to your rjsmith yahoo account. I hope it’s still a valid e-mail address for you!

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