That’s Uncle Donk to you.

Don and I are Aunt and Uncle to another cutie I would like to introduce you to. This is Katie, daughter of Dons’ sister Karin and her husband David. We met her for the first time last May when we took our first trip back to the states we called the Don and Robin Across America Tour….12 different airplanes in 30 days! We also paid homage to our favorite burrito places while in California. Hmmm…I’m am hungry just thinking about Taqueria Vallartas in Santa Cruz!

Katie is almost 2 1/2 now. She loved her Uncle “Donk”. Since she was a newborn I have been blown away at how much she looks like Don. Sometimes it feels like I am looking at what our daughter might look like!
She loves music and according to her Mom she will make her way down the aisle at and join the worship team at church on Sunday mornings. She even has her own microphone!

It is really hard being so far from family, we have missed out on some important events, like our sisters having children. We look forward to coming back to the states and being a part of our families lives again…only 2 years to go!.


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