Can we elect a different ground hog?

I can’t believe the ground hog saw his shadow. Even though I am not sure if it really counts for us here in Europe I am still bummed.

I am longing for spring! It is so cold here right now that the trees are frozen white with frost. I haven’t seen the sun for over a week. Am I the only one who feels like winter is dragging on forever this year? So, today I am writing about a trip Don and I took last spring because I need to think about something else other than winter.

Last April we went to Holland to see the tulips with some friends. I posted a few pictures, but believe me they hardly do it justice. We drove about 5 hours from our home to the famous Keukenhof Gardens just outside of Amsterdam. There are so many tulip and flower farms, all you see for miles are rows and rows of flowers, it looks like a rainbow on the ground…absolutely beautiful. That evening we stayed at a beach town called Noordwijk. I attached a picture of Don and I at sunset with the North Sea behind us. It was the first time we had seen the ocean since we moved here two years earlier.

We also visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam…the home where she and her family lived in hiding from the Nazi’s for 3 years before they were discovered. Since living here I have been to Dachau and to Auschwitz- Birkenau, but seeing this home was just as humbling and moving for me. I will never forget walking through those rooms…I will especially remember climbing through the secret door behind the bookshelf, because I smacked the top of my head and saw stars for a moment! I also remember walking in Anne’s bedroom and reading the part of her diary when she talks about hanging pictures of her favorite movie stars and singers. The pictures are still hanging there, just as she left them. I added a picture of the building which is the Anne Frank House. It was originally the location of her father’s business, the apartment was hidden in the back on the top floor and was impossible to detect from the outside.

Anyway, I feel a little better…but I’d still like to ask another ground hog for a second opinion!

Think Spring!


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2 thoughts on “Can we elect a different ground hog?

  1. Your trip sounded wonderful and the pictures were great! I would love to come visit again. Remember Rhoda the scoda? And her diatribe of directions? What great memories!!

  2. Who could forget! Remember when we would be driving on the autobahn and she would freak out “please make a U turn, please make a U turn.” Ah those were gute fahrt mit Rhoda times …oops I meant Mueller (inside joke for you Heather and Krissa).


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