Don’t let the flu bugs bite

I have been home sick the last 2 days recovering from a “holy schnicke” case of the stomach flu. My poor husband has seen things no husband should ever see!
He is a trooper though.

Anyway! I am feeling much better and I wanted to share some good news. I had a job interview about a week ago for a job working at the Air Force Family Support Center which is located here in the military community we live in. I was offered the position today! This really is an answered prayer for myself and Don. The agency is very similar to the Army agency I work for now, and I will be assisting people with a variety of services. This also means that my daily commute will downsize from 100 miles a day to about 10 miles round trip, some days Don and I will be able to drive to work together. I am giving my 2 weeks notice tomorrow and hope to be in my new job by mid February.

I hope this finds you well and healthy!


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6 thoughts on “Don’t let the flu bugs bite

  1. Congratulations Robin! I was thinking of you and wondering how the interview went. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Hi Robin,
    Congratulations on the job! I’m glad you won’t have to drive so far anymore. Hope you feel better soon.
    P.S.–I’m getting huge…only a month and a 1/2 left.

  3. I am going to respond to all three of you at once okay!

    Virginia- yay! This means no more on call for me! Pack you bags I’ll meet you somewhere in the middle!

    Judy- hey Momma! I am sure you and Bryan are so excited. This morning I told Don that you were due next month…he flipped out! We are anxiously waiting to hear the wonderful news that your daughter is here and you are both healthy! She is going to be a cutie!I miss you!

    We need to compare notes some day. I would love to hear more about your school/work experience…and this guy Mark. Just so you know I checked out his blog and…he sounds like a keeper!
    Take care!


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