The smallest kitchen in the world

Pretty in Pink.

Today I thought I would share with you a few of the interesting things you find living in a German home.

This picture was taken at the front of our town house. Yes, we live in a pink house.  Believe me it was not easy convincing Don that he “wouldn’t even notice the pink after a while.”  The selling point for him was that it had heated floors!  Our landlords Jim and Pepi live next door to us on the right, which is very common here.  We are blessed with awesome landlords who are very helpful, especially when you don’t speak German!

My kitchen:
I have the smallest kitchen in the world.  For some reason kitchens in German homes are tiny and bathrooms are HUGE, like the size of a bedroom.  We can’t figure out why this is the case.  My kitchen reminds me of a camper my parents had growing up, all the appliances are smaller to fit in to the small space. After this I can cook a Thanksgiving dinner in a Winnebago!

Kitchens are built to be mobile. You’ve probably heard the saying “they took everything, including the kitchen sink.” Here in Germany that is actually the case.  If you sell a home you pack up everything, the cupboards, the counters, the sink…everything.  Perhaps that is part of the reason kitchens are smaller.

Closets simply don’t exist here. We have a 3 bedroom ,1 .5 bath, 3 story town house with 0 (that’s zero) closet space. This is another mystery to us.  What’s wrong with closets?  Maybe it’s because you can’t pack them up and take them with you!  If you want to hang your clothes you use what are called Schrunks (I think I spelled that right), we usually call them wardrobes.  I have realized I am less likely to hold on to things I don’t use because I don’t have any place to store them. Hmmm.  Maybe there is a method to the madness!

All I can say is the next home we live in when we return to the states in 2008 will have closets and a kitchen bigger than a closet!



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