A crash course in parenting

New Years 2006 will definitley go down in Don & Robin history as one of the most memorable. We partied with a 4 year old!

Meet Jenna. She is one of the cutest and coolest kids Don and I have ever known (besides our niece Katie and nephew Calder, you will meet them another time). Jenna is the daughter of our good friends Kathy and Richard. They have another daughter named Cora, who during the New Year weekend was very sick and required some extra TLC from her Mom and Dad. So Don and I took over parent patrol and watched Jenna at our house for a few days. This is a picture from New Years Eve. Check out her snow boots- we call them her “wookie boots.”

It is a tradition here in Germany, as well as other parts of Europe I hear, to light fireworks at midnight. I am not talking about professional shows that you see in the States. Here in Germany anyone can buy a variety of rockets and firecrackers without needing a permit. We took Jenna to a store parking lot near our home to set of our own “kids pack” of fireworks. At midnight Don and I went to the 3rd floor of our house to look out the skylights. It was truly the best show I have ever seen! It lasted for 45 minutes non-stop. The sky over our entire village was full of fireworks shooting from all directions. It was really impressive.

It was a good thing for Don and I to see each other in a nuturing/caretaker role. We have talked about just how much your life changes with a child, everything you think about or do includes what is best for them. We look forward to parenthood….just not yet!

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